Shrink Wrap-Film

Film Retráctil
Used for heat shrink wrapping and packaging and bundling of containers and other products.

Stretch Film

Film Estirable
Used for baling of previously palletized products and grouping of packages and boxes.

Non Shrinkable Film

Used for packaging and packaging with plastic foil.

Food Preservation Film

Food film used for packaging fresh food and wrapping trays. R.G.S. 39.01445/MU

Film For Packaging Agricultural Products

Used in applications for shrink packaging of agricultural products (second skin).

Agricultural Film for Cultivation

Used in tunnel applications, padding, double chamber for cultivation, protection of plantations, solarization-disinfection of land, etc.

Adhesive Tape

Used in case closure and packaging applications as well as other packaging systems.

Pallet Cover And Pre-Cut Film

Used to cover and protect palletized products, pallet covers, packaging and grouping of containers and other products.