Agricultural Film for Cultivation

Product Detail

Used in tunnel applications, padding, double chamber for cultivation, protection of plantations, solarization-desinfection of land, etc.
Multilayer films for agricultural crops manufactured by high performance coextrusion with great resistance to atmospheric agents, achieving a microclimate that accelerates, protects and optimizes the plantations.


Some of its most important characteristics are:
– Wide range of widths and thicknesses, adapted to each crop
– Increased resistance
– Anti-UV resistance
– Anti-lock
– Possibility of marking and printing
– Possibility of coloring

For multiple applications such as tunneling, quilting, double-roofing, protection of crops (grapes), solarization-desinfection of the land, etc.


– Tunnel
– Quilting
– Double chamber
– Sheet for solarization-disinfection of land
– Protection of plantations (grapes, etc.)


The different applications are:
– Cultivation of melon and watermelon
– Strawberry cultivation
– Cotton cultivation
– Growing Broccoli
– Cultivation of pepper and lettuce
– Solarization-disinfection of the land
– Protection of plantations, grapes, etc.
– Mushroom and mushroom compost
– Double chamber in greenhouses
– Etc.