Food Preservation Film

Product Detail

Used to wrap and protect food, directly or in trays.
Multilayer films manufactured by coextrusion process of cast with a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes.

Some of the most important properties are:
– Wide range of thickness( from 7 to 15 microns)
– Widhts 300 to 500mm standard ( other widhts if required by client)
– Extensible film to adapt its content
– Hight strenght
– High transparency and bright
– For all kind of food( even fat food).
– Made of Polyethylene (NON-PVC)
– Film to pack food directly (Suitable for all kind of food and with sanitary registration)
R.G.S. 39.01445/MU

Film used for fresh food packaging and trays wrapping.
Health Registration Number: R.G.S. 39.01445/MU


The different types we manufacture are:
– Cling food film for hand use
– Rolls for catering
– Packaging of vegetables and other foods
– Trays cover
– Cling food film in jumbo roll to rewind


Stretch food film for:
– Fruits and vegetables: broccoli, carbagge, lettuce…
– Cheeses and cold meats
– Fish and meat
– Other food