Non-Shrinkable film for packaging

Product Detail

Used for packing boxes and for grouping of goods as well as for packaging products with non-shrinkable multilayer plastic film manufactured by coextrusion adapted to the specific packaging needs of the client

Some of the most important qualities are:

– Wide range of widths and thickness
– Widhts from 200 to 2600mm and folded in tube or centerfolded until 6400mm. Thickness from 14 to 250 microns
– High transparency and brightness
– High strenght
– Different grades of shrink contraction
– Antistatic
– Antiblock
– Slippery or not
– Available microperforated
– Available coloured
– Corona treatment if required for printing
– Available printed
– Available treated with anti UV


The differnt types we manufacture are:
– Single wound sheet
– Tubing
– Centerfold


The main uses for this product are:

– Beverages (soft drinks, water, dairy products…)
– Ice cubes, grape crop
– Chemicals (detergents, paintings…)
– Canned food and packaged food group
– Furniture (mattresses, doors,kits..)
– Ceramics and bricks
– Paper and cardboard industries
– Fabrics (carpets, laundry)
– Aluminium (blindes, shelves)