Pallet covers and pre-cut films

Used for the pallet protection, and the goods inside and for the
packaging of grouping goods

Multilayer films manufactured by coextrusion process adapted to the
needs of the clients


Some of its properties are:

– Covers adapted to the height and size of the pallet or to the product to be covered
– Wide range of widths and thickness
– High transparency and brightness
– High strenght
– Different grades of shrink contraction
– Antiblock
– Antistatic
– Slippery or not
– Available treated with anti UV
– Available microperforated
– Available coloured
– Available printed with the clients logo
– Corona treatment if required for printing

?The different types we manufacture are:

-Precut single wound sheets ( different width, large and long and

– Precut shrink or non-shrinkable covers (adapted to the size, height
and weight of the pallet or product to be covered).

The main uses for this product are:
– In general, all kind of products that the client wish to protect or
to wrap with a bespoke precut single wound sheet
– Beverages (soft drinks, water, dairy products…)
– Ice cubes, grape crop
– Chemicals (detergents, paintings…)
– Canned food and packaged food group
– Furniture (mattresses, doors,kits..)
– Ceramics and bricks
– Paper and cardboard industries
– Fabrics (carpets, laundry)
– Aluminium (blindes, shelves)
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